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Today I started the community... I hope everyone likes it! I'll work on it as much as possible; I promise!
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Hi - I just joimed the community and I'm looking forward to learning a lot about the actors... This may sound weird, but I'd never seen either of the movies until yesterday! Now that I have, I want to learn tons about Dan, Emma, and Rupert!
I'm so glad to have found a community for the Harry Potter stars!
harry potter rocks! man june 4th coming soon (opening of prisoner of azkaban) if you dont know
word to harry
hey, i'm new to live journal. i love harry potter and see the movies the day they come out. i'm not obsessed but i devour the books as soon as they come out. oh yeah, i'm kali. does anyone else think dan radcliffe is hot? i do.
ok. is this a dead community? i wrote the last comment like a week ago. and there are no new updates? i've been away at camp and was really looking forward to learning more about dan radcliffe and costars. awww well
hmmmm. interesting, very interesting. no entries for what two weeks?! ok. it was so promising, a community.
i love harry potter... it really rocks lol